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Valuing Mineral Rights

Whether you have owned your minerals and royalties for some time or they are newly acquired through inheritance, it's important to know how much they are worth. Values change over time so they may not be worth as much as they were before, or they could be worth more now. 


It's a smart move to get an appraisal if it has been a while (or if you've never had one) and if you are considering divesting some, or all, of your interests.

How do mineral rights work?

"When is a good time to sell?"

Political, geopolitical, and black swan global events are shifting the energy landscape daily. 

Along with these events, the price of oil and gas, area and Operator activity, and the stage of production your interests are in are just a few of the factors we take into account when determining the best time to sell minerals. 

"My minerals have been in my family for generations. I'm hesitant."

You don't have to sell all of your interests! There are a number of ways to structure the sale so you can still retain ownership.

Family situations change. It's time to consider what's needed in the present and take action. 

"How are mineral rights royalties taxed?"

If your minerals are producing and you are receiving monthly royalties they are going to be taxed as ordinary income and just like property taxes, on the county level, as well.  

If a mineral owners sells their minerals, they will also pay taxes on the sale. Inherited mineral rights are also taxable.

What are some mistakes people make when determining the value of their mineral rights?

The most common and painful mistakes we see from owners is to have unreasonable dollar amounts for their interests. Just because your neighbor got a large sum for their interests doesn't mean you will get the same. 

Timing is also a big factor. If you leased your property for sky high rates back in 2011, well....that was 2011. Lines get drawn, erased, and re-drawn, and the price of oil and gas changes daily along with the global landscape. 

Lack of industry knowledge, a poor network, and unrealistic expectations are an owner's recipe for disaster. It's important to work with an oil and gas expert to get you the results you deserve.

Valuing - Get Started on Mineral Appraisal
Plant in a Pot



We'll gather specifics on your personal situation. We meet you where you are at in your life right now and get clear on where you want to be.



With the information we have collected on your asset, Operator activity, industry movements, current buyer rates for your interest area, etc. we will provide legitimate and realistic numbers you can believe in. 

Forest Road



We know the industry and the process because we've been through almost every scenario. We will handle the phone calls, emails, the letters, and the back and forth so you don't have to.

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