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"We were so pleased with Kyle's caring professionalism in helping us with the sale of our minerals from our family oil lease. He went over and beyond the call of duty to make sure everything was correct and went smoothly. Kyle kept us informed of every step which gave us confidence that the transaction would be handled correctly and in a right and timely manner. Because of all the above, we would recommend Kyle's expertise to anyone."

Bennett & Noel Y.

Howard County, TX

"Knowing everything about selling houses and absolutely nothing about oil and gas, I needed a true professional when selling some minerals recently. Kyle was nothing but professional with his follow up and consistency. But what impressed me the most, he did a spread sheet and reached out to every possible buyer for my minerals. I was determined to get "top dollar" and he got many offers for me and the best price. Plus he made the entire transaction simple and easy for me and took care of all of the details, which was exactly what I needed. I would recommend Kyle to anyone looking for someone representing your best interests."

Michelle Musick Jones

Reagan County, TX

"Kyle is a hustler. He is a skilled Landman with lots of experience and has helped lots of mineral owners sell their properties for a good price. Kyle has been working South Texas since the Eagle Ford kicked off more than a decade ago. I trust Kyle to take good care of anyone and I know Kyle will bust his ass to bring buyers and get deals closed. Kyle has been doing this actively for years and he has an extensive network of mineral buyers and investors." 

Eli H., VP of Land

Houston, TX

"With the fast-paced nature of acreage acquisition and the drilling of wells, it was necessary for Kyle to be self-sufficient in all areas of land work. Kyle is extremely well versed in managing brokers, negotiating lease terms, creating drilling units, working with title attorney's, title curative, surface damage agreements, operating agreements and other matters associated with developmental drilling. His work ethic was superior, being called upon to help with projects at night, or on weekends or holidays. He is a truly enjoyable individual to work with due to his motivation, creative thinking, and sense of humor."

Randy Parsley, Executive Vice President

Houston, TX

Randy Parsley, Executive Vice President

     Houston, TX

"As the Senior Land Manager of the Halcón Resources Corporation Houston office, I worked with Kyle Venema as a Senior Landman for over two years. We made several acquisitions and divestitures, drilling and completing many wells, and Kyle was charged with researching and analyzing all land records, contracts, Division Order Unit Title Opinions, Unit Divisions of Interest, interfacing with accounting, and a multitude of other responsibilities as a Senior Landman. It was evident Kyle’s drive to excel in every aspect of the job served him, and the company very well.
Kyle is a self-starter and requires little management. He will be successful in any field of endeavor he wishes to step into. I miss working with Kyle and look forward to the opportunity to work together in the future."

Lanham Frazier, Senior Land Manager

Houston, TX

"Kyle supported a three-rig program in the company's Eagle Ford development program. He communicated well with the Operations team at all levels and was respected and well-liked. He was thorough and timely in providing information and support regarding any lease provisions, regulatory matters, coordinating surface access as well as negotiating surface and water agreements."

John T. Richards, Vice President of Operations

Houston, TX

"We could not be more pleased with Kyle's handling of the sale of our mineral rights. From the outset, he was forthcoming and informative. He obtained an excellent price for our property. We highly recommend his honesty, knowledge and professionalism."

K. Montgomery

Webb County, TX

The Venergy Model

Venergy lives by a strict code of ethics, morals, and values. We hold ourselves accountable because we simply don't tolerate anything less.
With full transparency, firm attention, and honest and consistent communication, Venergy serves to uphold the integrity and privacy for your family or company so you can have peace of mind knowing you're in experienced, capable hands.
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Venergy provides coaching and expert advice to help clients make insightful decisions to provide families a solid foundation for their future generations.

Our passion is educating mineral and royalty owners so they can make informed, confident decisions for them and their loved ones.

Kyle D. Venema


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