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After your initial consultation, Venergy can provide advisement pathways so you can choose how to make best use of your royalty income. Our Mineral & Royalty Management services include:

  • Manage, organize and audit your division orders, royalty income and suspended royalty accounts

  • Perform detailed checks and balances on your mineral lease for contract and regulatory compliance

  • Ensure the proper execution and enforcement of your lease terms

  • Provide guidance on what to say to the operator or if requested, Venergy can request a letter of representation to speak with them on your behalf


The old adage, "Never sell your minerals and royalties..." is an antiquated way of thinking when big money and corporations are taking advantage of this growing asset class.  It is time individuals, families and family trusts start paying attention and treat it as a true investment vehicle.

Using intelligent analytics, industry foresight, and our trusted network of reputable end buyers, we guarantee top-level offers if you are considering selling your mineral interests.

A Mineral Appraisal is the most important first step you can take when considering selling all or a part of your interests.

sell your mineral rights

Sell your Mineral

and Royalty Interests

Start treating your asset as a

true investment vehicle.

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Own them forever. No monthly expenditures.

Buy Mineral

and Royalty Interests

The only real risk to investing in minerals and royalties is tied to commodity prices. Once the assets are purchased, you own them (outside of Over-Riding Royalty Interests). You have no monthly operating expenditures in order to maintain your investment or equipment,  only annual taxes and that’s only if the interests are producing.

As long as you diversify your holdings to incorporate both oil and natural gas assets located in different basins or areas of the U.S., you should have no concentration risk.

There are over 1.6 billion acres in the United States available for lease, sale, or trade. This gives any investor a fighting chance at buying some very good minerals and royalties.

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in oil and gas land management, the breadth of information and decisions to be made can be overwhelming. Feeling bombarded by phone calls, letters, and promises of highest offers are common.


Not only do mineral and royalty owners have to contend with these outside influences, they must also deal with their own emotional ties, needs, and wants.


With Venergy consulting, you can receive up-to-date industry intel and honest advice, including: 

  • ​Market Research & Trends

  • Asset Analysis

  • Operator & Area Activity

  • Recommendations for next steps

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Oil and Gas

Experience and strategy required.

Oil and gas operator not paying me correctly

Expert Witness:
Title and Revenue

Feeling wronged?  We can help make it right.

Disputes in title not only occur with Operators, but also between mineral

and royalty owners who own interest under the same tract of land.

 Fixed versus floating royalty reservations, language interpretation

during a past or present conveyance of rights, and recent developments

in caselaw have significant impact on your payouts then and now.


Discrepancies will undoubtably find their way into how your

royalties are distributed and you could be eligible for back pay. 


We have experience gathering, analyzing, and presenting

the facts to help our clients get back what they deserve.

How to find out if you own mineral rights.

Venergy's team will get straight to work pouring through chains of title and deeds from the county courthouses where your minerals and/or royalties are located. Sifting through documents that can range back to the mid-1800's requires a trained eye, time, and attention to detail. We know the drill at these courthouses and the processes needed to provide our clients with professional, easy-to-understand mineral and royalty ownership reports. 

To go into negotiations without a proper chain of title can be disastrous. Get the negotiating power in your hands with Venergy's help.

Our Land & Title services include:

  • Due Diligence Compilation

  • Abstracting, Title & Curative

  • Leasing & Negotiations

  • GIS & Mapping Services

For a number of reasons, families may need to separate mineral and royalty interests from one another. 

Transferring property ownership can be a simple process if the family is willing to communicate, provide the necessary documentation, and in the event of a death, have a probated will in place. 

However, if fulfilling any of these requirements is not possible, some additional work and patience might be needed. Individual family member wants and needs can also have an effect on their emotions making the process more difficult.

An experienced and personable mediator that is also tolerant and unbiased can be the bridge to assist families with dividing up mineral and royalty estates.

separating my family's oil and gas minerals and royalties

Separation of Mineral & Royalty Estate

We are Certified Patience Experts.

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