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Venergy Momentum

Oil & Gas

Acquisition and Divestiture

Mineral and Royalty Management


A private and progressive oil and gas consulting firm serving land, mineral, royalty and non-op working interest owners within the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale & Austin Chalk, Haynesville Shale, West Texas & New Mexico Permian Basin.

How much do mineral rights sell for?

A lot of factors go into this answer. They can be worth a lot more than you think or they can be a lot less. Getting a professional mineral appraisal is the best way to find out. Without one, you could miss out on potential opportunities, make unnecessary mistakes when negotiating a lease or when selling some or all of your minerals and/or royalties.  

selling your mineral rights

Selling your mineral rights

Do you know what stage of production your interests are in?

Top Articles
mineral value

Mineral value

Why is it so hard for buyers and sellers to agree on a price?

inherited mineral rights

Inherited mineral rights

Find out what you own and what you need to do next.

Results Are the Only Thing That Matter.

We've been bravely producing results through the highs and lows of the industry for over the past decade and have been involved in over $250MM in oil and gas asset transactions. 

Venergy Momentum is dedicated to closing deals for mineral and royalty owners that can change their lives. We  know who to call, what to look for and have the tenacity and know-how to get results.

5.0 Star Google Reviews

"Kyle and Venergy are outstanding. Rare to see a combination of technical acumen, knowledge of the industry, and trustworthiness. You are in good hands with the Venergy team."

-Daniel Anderson

5-STAR RATING Badge_3.png
"Imagine my concern making "cold calls" to try to help find someone trustworthy to help me with inheritance issues. I discovered Kyle Venema and Venergy Momentum Oil & Gas. Kyle shared his first-rate professional expertise and deep knowledge base as he walked me through a process that led to the top selling-prices and closure. Not skipping a beat, Kyle's diligence leaves nothing to chance or undone. Every step of the way, I knew I could count on professional service, expertise, and integrity. Whatever your oil and gas concern is, reach out to Venergy Momentum Oil & Gas."

-Soller Piano

"Kyle Venema and his company, Venergy, are top notch. He is extremely professional, thorough and data-driven. I enjoy working with them and always know that no stone will be unturned."

-Luke West

5-STAR RATING Badge_3.png
"Kyle has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the years. He has an exceptional work ethic and deep knowledge of the industry. His kind, welcoming attitude has always set me at ease, which has also lead to a friendship outside of just business. A real class act!"

-Paden Penny

5-STAR RATING Badge_3.png
"We have worked with Kyle in a variety of settings over the years and he always displays professionalism as well as high ethical standards. He communicates extremely well and he looks at all sides of issues as he has experience working for oil and gas companies as well as landowners. We can always trust the quality and accuracy of his work and there is never a doubt of his ability to meet deadlines and accomplish his goals."

-Jennifer Calloway

"I have worked with Kyle for over 10 years in the Oil and Gas Industry. He works hard for his clients, and is always very responsive to calls and emails. He is the first person I call for advice on an acquisition or sale of a lease or minerals."

-BM Comer

5-STAR RATING Badge_3.png
"I have known Kyle on business and friendship level for over 20 yrs. Not only do I consider him a trustworthy, honest person, he does also have the right instinct/nose for great deals. I consider him an expert in his field and have reached our to him many times over the years for business advice."

-Piran Ghods

"Venergy Momentum Oil & Gas has been a wonderful partner to work with in the area of helping us to identify and claim our oil & gas assets. Kyle Venema is a knowledgeable, professional resource in the oil & gas field who has provided us with thoughtful, courteous assistance in navigating the legal process of dissolving a partnership and transferring our assets.
Kyle provided honest, straight forward advice and assistance in dealing with a variety of participants in the oil & gas industry, such as counties, taxing authorities and producers. If you are in need of advice and/or assistance regarding issues in the oil & gas industry, I highly recommend contacting Kyle Venema at Venergy Momentum Oil & Gas LLC."

-Mike Goodwin

5-STAR RATING Badge_3.png
"We found Kyle Venema on our Next Door App feed. He is just what we needed to help create legal documents that we filed in many counties. Kyle has been so helpful. 
To speak more to this, here are more characteristics that he possess: Knowledgeable with oil and gas legalities and can easily put in layman’s terms. Helped us avoid large attorneys fees. His fees are very reasonable. Listens to clients to understand their needs. He is professional and helped us in a timely manner. He is a great researcher and communicator. He is much more than a land man."

-Margaret Goodwin

"WE have happily worked with Kyle on a couple of projects since 2021. His prompt advice on the land and the titles served a critical part of the due diligence study in the oil and gas asset acquisition. Most important of all, he always put client's interest in the first place. Highly recommended!"

-WE Resources

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